Vive Organic

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Boosting A Wellness Mission

With a passion for wellness that includes the planet, Vive Organic’s tasty 2-ounce shots deliver more than an immunity boost — they support a sustainable, holistic lifestyle. Eager to share this with like-minded wellness seekers (and fresh off a round of funding), Vive Organic came to us for help spreading the word.

Social Kick

Using a data-driven approach and leaning into the flavorful kick Vive Organic’s shots were known for, we developed an invigorating social strategy to grow an already avid community with consistent infusions of fresh content, campaigns, and new platform launches.

Healthy Outcomes

In a true Moontide fashion, we quickly became an extension of the Vive team. With an expert balance of well-timed cadence and refreshing creative, our social media solutions proved to be the perfect elixir for growth: the brand quickly saw a 133% increase in followers and a meaningful boost in average engagement rate. Now, that’s what we call invigorating.

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