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Pet Adoption gets a Pick-Me-Up

The Wallis Annenberg PetSpace is not your typical woe-filled adoption center. It’s a bright, modern, inviting space for pets and potential pet parents. It’s also a dog training center, kids’ day camp, and the perfect place to pick up some thoughtful pet supplies for your new best friend. Though the center is endowed by animal-loving Wallis Annenberg, they needed help getting the word out in the LA area. As avid-animal lovers, we couldn’t wait to take on this pro-bono mission to connect humans and pets.

Tail-Wagging Results

Our first trick was creating a thoughtful, efficient, and highly targeted programmatic media plan that would reach local pet lovers. Then, we revamped their digital creative to make the ads richer, more effective, and more engaging. The result was increased social media engagement, more traffic to adoptions, and too much tail-wagging to quantify.

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