Veloz, a public-private nonprofit, had a big mission — they were driving the charge toward 100% zero-emission vehicles sold by 2035. As the power behind the nation’s largest multi-stakeholder public awareness campaign for EVs, Veloz enlisted our help to educate California consumers on the benefits of going all-in on electric.

Electric For All

One of the biggest roadblocks to EV adoption is the consumer perception that EVs are expensive, inconvenient, and complicated. We came up with a comprehensive strategy to reach Californians and convince them otherwise: a thoughtful mix of awareness, traffic, and conversion tactics across multiple channels in English and Spanish, including video, audio, digital, social media, and paid search ads. Since the “Electric For All” campaign launched in September 2022, it’s delivered over 101MM impressions and over 1MM clicks to the EFA site.

The Road to Success

With the help of the Tooth Fairy, Sasquatch, and some Aliens, we busted EV myths at prominent event venues in major metro areas with crowd-stopping viral projections. And we brought the message to local gas station pumps, where consumers were feeling the pain of increasing prices. Thanks to our efforts, once skeptical Californians found themselves much more energized about EVs and a similar multi-state effort is planned for next year.

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