Celaya Tequila

A Legend Reborn

The storied history of Celaya Tequila begins in Mexico, on the porch of a rural Sonora ranch in the late 1800s. One hundred and fifty years later, a new generation is at the helm, but their commitment to the family legacy and craft remains the same. As the new faces of the brand, ex-NFL stars Ryan and Matt Kalil wanted to bring their small-batch tequila and rich family history to a broader audience.

A Sip-Worthy Narrative

We developed a complete brand strategy focused on rich, layered storytelling that brings the family’s narrative to life for modern-day drinkers and positions the tequila more as an experience, one that evokes sentiments of family, roots, and brotherhood.

Digital StoryTelling

Celaya Tequila is for savoring, so we created digital and social experiences that made people want to linger a little longer. The website took on a storytelling format with videos and a playful family journal, while social media both told Celaya stories and encouraged our audience to discover their own. Salud!

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Celaya Bottle scaled
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