Making High-End Aesthetics Attractive

Orange Twist, a chic, modern med spa, was transforming the market, offering customers high-end non-invasive treatments at an attainable price. With competitors nip tucking at their heels, Orange Twist needed a transformation of its own and came to us for help scaling up and growing market share.

The Right Kind of Attention

Throughout our long partnership with Orange Twist, we’ve helped the brand grow in many ways. Our work has included everything from building a memorable web presence to implementing sophisticated MarTech strategies to creating scroll-stopping content and effective programmatic ad campaigns — all designed to bring more customers through the doors.


Because Results

Rather than focus on specific services, we took a powerful, emotional approach. Our bold “Because” campaign focused on the underlying, very human, very specific (we’re looking at you, Chad) reasons why people choose to get procedures in the first place. The cheeky creative caught people’s attention and made Orange Twist the go-to place when you wanted to make a major impact with a minor procedure.

Case Study OT Image Pool
Case Study OT Image1 Poolside
Case Study OT Image2 FindYourBecause
Case Study OT Image1 Selfie