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Welcome to the Club

AAA Club Alliance (ACA) provides essential services to over six million members for everything, including memberships, insurance, travel help, financial services, and more. Since 2015, we’ve been an equally essential partner to ACA, helping them with media strategy, planning, and campaign buying across its core business lines. On any given day, we are facilitating 28+ campaigns across digital and offline channels for many audience segments.

Joining Forces

ACA recognized a need to begin pivoting from operating separate business lines with individual objectives to a cohesive, unified strategy. Entrusted as their solo media partner to facilitate this transformation, our first assist was providing ACA with a better understanding of how each business line impacted membership conversions, their primary revenue driver.


Driving Change

To allow proper credit to be assigned to the various campaigns and media touchpoints, we implemented a robust attribution-tracking ecosystem and a series of custom media performance dashboards. This unified reporting metrics across the business, aligned stakeholders, and empowered the club with comprehensive, near real-time reporting of digital metrics for the first time.

These measures have resulted in a more cohesive strategic vision, better planning, and deeper insights into ACA’s marketing — all of which helped drive operational and marketing efficiency and effectiveness to new levels.

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