El Negocio


Two WorldS. One Spirit.

There’s no other tequila quite like El Negocio. Aged in 100-point wine barrels and free from the additives found in most other brands, it’s a sophisticated, high-end spirit meant to be sipped and savored. Soon after their launch, El Negocio tapped Moontide to bring their spirit to luxury tequila connoisseurs everywhere.

Branding an Ancient Craft

We established the brand’s identity, infusing the founders’ voices and collective mission into a nationwide media campaign and a curated social media calendar. We also coined the brand’s tagline: “Two Worlds, One Spirit,” a sentiment that represents the two ancient crafts of winemaking and tequila distillation coming together.


Worth Savoring

From the initial branding to premium packaging to a dynamic social, digital, and retail presence, we infused the brand’s premium qualities into every touchpoint, ensuring that each interaction was as refined as the tequila itself. Our efforts were rewarded with engagement metrics that were more than five times higher than the average for the alcohol category. We’ll cheers to that.

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