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Fueling the Future with Plastic

Sad fact: Less than 10% of all plastic waste actually gets recycled. But imagine if there was a way to turn 100% of our plastic waste into a cleaner, more sustainable fuel. Almost sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it?

A Visionary Approach

That was our challenge: to help Enerra bring their transformative vision to life and create future demand for their high-octane, low-sulfur gasoline, fuel additives, and jet fuel — all made from plastic waste. Because even world-changing visionaries need a clear-eyed marketing partner.

Priming the Pump

Starting from the ground up, we gave Enerra a new name, a modern, optimistic brand refresh, and a five-year strategic marketing roadmap. We then used those building blocks to launch a web platform, brand film, social media, and B2B presentations — all centered around making their lofty goal a reality and priming the pump for the rollout of future sub brands.

Case Study Enerra Image1
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