Rebels with a Smile

Until InBrace, the only real options for straightening teeth were braces or plastic aligners — both which have their fair share of less-than-desirable effects. InBrace’s game-changing SmartWire technology and discreet behind-the-teeth placement needed a game-changing way to reach young adults during the decision making process. So we cut straight to the chase and addressed our audience’s pain points head on with a bold, challenger campaign.

Demand Better

We ditched the big, beautiful smiles everyone else was using in favor of scroll-stopping imagery that highlighted the unwanted side-effects of braces and aligners and dared our audience to “Demand Better” for themselves.

Grinning Results

Instead of focusing solely on the end results, we owned the entire teeth-straightening journey and turned an experience people dreaded into a market-disrupting moment. InBrace became the solution no one could see, but everyone wanted. Which ultimately produced some of the biggest grins we’ve ever seen.

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