The Baylands


Building a Foundation for the Future

The Baylands is an ambitious project —it’s not just new urban development, it’s an entirely new kind of city — and the largest zero-carbon development of its kind in the world. Positioned to change the way city dwellers live, The Baylands needed a brand that conveyed that forward-thinking optimism to future residents. As the agency of record, our ground-up strategy is designed to guide the early stages of development and evolve as the project progresses.

A Better Way of Living

Drawing on insights from a hyper-localized, highly selective focus group, we developed a ground-breaking visual identity, lead-generating website, brochure, and empowering messaging that brought The Baylands’ optimistic and revolutionary vision to life.

Building Connection

An artful yet informative documentary brand film helped define the future city for potential residents, emphasizing the community, connection, and conscious living values that set this community apart from any other. Move-in date: 2024. (We’re already packing.)

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